We think we know the archetypal Trump voter. He is white, male, blue-collar, frustrated and angry. But is that really the case? Are these the only people that will be voting for the Republican candidate? Trump has defied all predictions and surprised media and commenters more than once. Now it is time to meet some of his most unexpected supporters, the Lati- nos for Trump. Although his virulent anti-immigration stance, his promise of building a wall along the Southern border (and getting Mexico to pay for it), and his outright racist comments about Latinos make “ e Donald” a very improbable champion of the Hispanic community, that is only part of the picture. A quick tour of Facebook pages, forums and blogs reveals a more complex reality.
It has previously been observed that first-and second-generation immigrants who manage to attain the “American Dream” tend frequently to become conservative, and even to develop an anti-immigration stance. Riverboom’s Edoardo Delille and Giulia Piermartiri are on the road this summer to meet the Latinos pledging their vote to the most unexpected Republican candidate in the last century. All of the subjects that are portrayed are also interviewed about their goals, desires and fears. e best way to try and understand the Trump dilemma is to meet those who will vote for him in November.
Ladies and gentlemen Los Trumpistas!

I am a conservative that thinks for herself
and does not vote based on the party-line stance.
I decide to support Trump because,
I appreciate his brutal candor and honesty
- good, bad and the ugly.
I hope the return of the American PRIDE.

Laura Diaz, San Antonio, Texas

I’m a proud American,
I love this country,
and I think it’s time America, to wake up.

Raul Rodrigues jr. Apple Valley, California

This is my country, this is my home.
I love this country enough to vote for a person
I feel is going to set this country the right way,
regardless of what anybody says.

Francisco Rivera. Huntington Park, California

I believe he has all the right solutions.
We need to bring back our factories to America.
We cannot compete with third World countries
when it comes to making goods.

Ileana Cataldo. Pasadena, California

The world is not a safe place anymore as we have seen
from the recent attacks in France and Orlando, Florida,
to name only a few.
I think Trump will address these security issues.

Luis Cavazos. Brownsville, Texas

Trump is saying what people want to say,
but they are afraid to say.

Ximena Barreto. Poway, California

My family asks how I can support Donald Trump
even though I’m Hispanic. Trump is my hero.
I used to want to be either the President
or a businessman. I like his career.
He has in uence and name recognition all over the world.

Omar Navarro. Torrance, California

I’m voting for Donald Trump. I know he’s a ghter.
He’s going to make the revolution that we need in this country.
He’s the leader that we were looking for.
he’s very determined and he knows what he’s going to do.

Anita Hynds. Yorba Linda, California

I think Trump is the ultimate wake up call.
People were asking for this.
He did the most American thing you could do.
Everybody said you couldn’t do it,
people said RNC would block him out.
He put the middle nger up and did it.

Bertrand Usher. Los Angeles, California

Donald Trump is a winner.
Nobody can stop him from succeeding.
He recognizes people of different ethnicities.
He just wants everyone to be legal and free.

Ann Marie Villicana. Pasadena, California

Too many people are coming in my country.
I want to know who they are.
If they came legally: Bienvenidos! but if they don’t?
Trump will x this big problem.

Elva Leyendecker , Laredo, Texas

He is everything that Washington politicals and leaders are not.
He is really for the people. He doesn’t have to do this.
I wouldn’t do it if I was him.
He sees how America is going down and he’s risking everything.

Tereza Mendoza. Phoenix, Arizona

We must secure our borders. As Trump has stated:
“A nation without borders is not a nation”.
Our country needs to de ne its sovereign lines.
We must close our borders.
However, we welcome those who choose
to enter our beautiful country legally.

Marissa Desilets. West L.A./Beverly Hills, California

Trump has declared himself to be pro-life.
He is running under a party that is also pro-life.
That is enough to gain my support.

Jimena Rivera. Brownsville, Texas

Trump is the solution
to protect our Republic.

Morgan Cisneros Graham. Brownsville, Texas

The world is not a safe place anymore as we have seen
from the recent attacks in France and Orlando, Florida,
to name only a few. I think Trump will address these security issues.

Luis Cavazos. Brownsville, Texas

Trump has experience negotiating so
we would have a better economy and better advisors.
He would be much better for the protection of the country
and its defense.

Dr. Alexander Villicana. Laguna Beach, California

I sincerely hope that Mr. Donald Trump wins this election
for America's sake, as I have no doubt
that if Mrs. Clinton wins, America as we know it,
will cease to exist and will become a third world Country.

Emilio and Carol Rodriguez, Canyon Lake, California

I think right now people don' respect United Statest
as they should, and he will be the solution.

Angelo Gomez, Las Vegas, Nevada.