The Maldives hold the record of the lowest country in the world.
According to data provided by the United Nations, the Maldivian islands, with an average of just half a meter above sea level, might be already partially submerged by water by the end of the century.
It will be the first State in the world to disappear for the consequences of climate change.
The 1200 islands, that make up the archipelago, are most well known for the beaches of their exclusive resorts and for the underwater activities of tourists who come here from all over the world for diving.
The "Diving Maldives" project is a journey on the islands inhabited just by Maldivians. We have collected a series of typical underwater photos taken by tourists and we have projected them as slides, in the streets and in the houses of the inhabitants of the different islands that we have visited. A real screening but, above all, a metaphorical projection of a not too distant future that looms over their daily lives.