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Despite contributing only 5% of pollutant emissions, Africa is the continent that pays the highest price for climate change. In 2019 only, extreme climate change has generated 2.5 million refugees.

Mozambique, in particular, especially along its almost 2,500 km coastline, is one of the most climate-vulnerable countries.

Droughts, floods and sudden storms are episodes that now alternate and repeat themselves every year, affecting and destroying entire villages and compromising the agricultural harvest. It is mainly the poorest and most vulnerable communities that pay the price.

Mangroves, key allies against coastal erosion, are cut down or poorly managed, and so the effects of rising sea levels grow year after year, increasing the risk of flooding and salinisation of the land.

Our images are not generated by software, nor are they the result of a double exposure, but take shape from a real projection of a plausible future landscape onto scenes of everyday life.

The result is aesthetically complex and dreamlike photographs showing a not too distant future.

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