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Record-breaking temperatures, mega-fires and dry rivers threaten to end the "California Dream”.

According to a study by "The foundation of California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment”, if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, the temperature will have risen by 8°C by 2100. The frequency of extreme wildfires will increase accordingly, and the average area burned will reach 77% of California.

Drought on the West Coast of the United States is nothing new. The deserts of Nevada and California are popular tourist destinations, but climate change is is expanding this phenomenon to those places now famous for the world's largest redwood forests. This is evidenced by data from the “Us Drought monitor”, the federal service that monitors drought, which reported that 88% of California is currently in "extreme drought”.

Then in the background is the serious threat of wildfires, which are increasingly frequent and devastating.

The "Camp fire" was the most severe and destructive in California's history through 2018; after devastating the forests of Butte County, the fire reached Paradise, destroying more than 18,000 buildings and killing 85 people.

And again, in 2020 "August Complex” burned more than 200 thousand acres, becoming the most devastating fire in California's modern history.

Our photos, taken in the areas devastated by the Camp Fire and made with a special slide projector, are both a real and metaphorical projection of a not-too-distant future looming over the entire American continent

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