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The Mont Blanc massif is the highest mountain range in Europe.
Located in the Alps between Italy and France, what was once considered the symbol of Europe's perennial glaciers, today, in response to global warming, has become the symbol of climate change.
Scientists predict that by 2050 the glaciers will have lost half of their volume and by 2100 the glacial mass will be only 5% of the current one.

Glacier melting is a significant consequence of climate change. When glaciers vanish, their water supply, on which the life of ecosystems and human communities is based, also disappears.
One of the Mont Blanc glaciers that is most affected by these climate changes is the Planpincieux glacier, which looms over the inhabitants of Val Ferret.

“Flowering Heights" was taken in this valley, among its woods and snowy villages, at the foot of the melting glacier.
With a slide projector, we projected images of blooming meadows on snow- covered landscapes, and portrayed people whose lives are in various ways connected to the mountains.

In our images we wanted to merge two different temporal realities to stimulate a reflection on how we have always known the mountain landscape and its winter activities and how these will change in very few years.

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