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We think we know the archetypal Trump voter. He is white, male, blue-col- lar, frustrated and angry. But is that really the case? Are these the only people that will be voting for the Republican candidate? Trump has de- fied all predictions and surprised media and commenters more than once. Now it is time to meet some of his most unexpected supporters, the Lati- nos for Trump. Although his virulent anti-immigration stance, his promise of building a wall along the Southern border (and getting Mexico to pay for it), and his outright racist comments about Latinos make “The Donald” a very improbable champion of the Hispanic community, that is only part of the picture. A quick tour of Facebook pages, forums and blogs reveals a more complex reality.

It has previously been observed that first-and second-generation immigran- ts who manage to attain the “American Dream” tend frequently to become conservative, and even to develop an anti-immigration stance. Riverboom’s Edoardo Delille and Giulia Piermartiri are on the road this summer to meet the Latinos pledging their vote to the most unexpected Republican candidate in the last century. All of the subjects that are portrayed are also interviewed about their goals, desires and fears. The best way to try and understand the Trump dilemma is to meet those who will vote for him in November. Ladies and gentlemen, Los Trumpistas!

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